I am so excited to announce I finally have figs.  We have had a fig tree for 8 + years now and have yet to eat a fig.  We often wondered what they were suppose to look like and when they were ready to eat.  When curiosity struck, they were gone due to the squirrels.  Uggg.  So I am proud to say that yesterday I found something that  looked edible.  I had the pleasure of splitting a fig with my kids and it went over well.

Now that I know what I am looking for, I am dying to make homemade fig bars.  I just need to keep the squirrel from getting to them first.  LOL    I was actually able to collect a few today.

For those of you who have a fig tree or wonder how to pick them here is how.   There are various types and colors of figs.  The easiest way to determine if the fig is ready is the placement of the fig.  Figs tend to grow upward.  As they mature they start to grow horizontal.  When the fig has been overcome by gravity and is hanging downward, it is ready for picking.   YUMMY!!!