thMy whole life I have been skinny.  Too skinny if we are being truthful.  I was called chicken legs, bird legs, people asked me if I ever ate and if I did where did it go?  Where did it go?  Really?  I was completely aware that I was small, but to be reminded of it constantly sucked.  I don’t think people realize that its pretty hurtful to be told you look sickly or you need to eat a burger, ect.   This type of behavior is just about as insulting as it is to  a person who is overweight but they are told they need to eat less.  For me, gaining weight just wasn’t an option.  Even after children and hitting thirty, the scale didn’t move much.

Fast forward a few years and add being a full-time student to the list of a million other things I did and exercise became a fleeing thought.  I spend most of my days in a car commuting or being a student and a mom.  After a year, things got real and I gained weight.  Now that I don’t work out, I realize that eating what ever I want is not an option.  While I hated being too skinny, I never could relate to those trying to lose weight and the struggle that came with it.   I have found myself on the other side of the coin and the blinders have come off.  I no longer fit in my jeans, my shirts are too small, I don’t recognize the person in the mirror and I am miserable.  It’s a mental struggle knowing how you “once looked.”

To some, I am still small, but all the ladies know that you can look one way in a set a clothes and completely different in front of the mirror.  I now understand how hard it is to give up a food you love or to not have the desire to work out.  Shoot, I use to run half marathons and hoped to run the Boston one day and now, I joke about working out being over rated.  I want people to know that the struggle is real and it isn’t just them.  As a nutrition major and studying dietetics, I have learned a lot.  The blinders are off and I having the experience of both sides, has been a blessing.

Let me share with you something I have learned about myself, I do not like the word DIET.  Society is obsessed with the hundreds of different diet fads that are available and not one person explains what these diets are really doing to the individual using them.  Changing the way you eat is not supposed to be a miserable experience.  People aren’t suppose to starve and they aren’t suppose to be stripped away from everything they have enjoyed eating.  This my friends = failure.  As with anything else we do in life, you take baby steps.  You give up a little at a time and when you do, those cravings don’t control you, the constant feeling of hunger is not there and best of all, the pounds stay off.  I can’t wait to start helping people feel better physically and emotionally about themselves.

It is important to remember that we were all created in the image of God and that my friend makes you perfect.  We need to treat our bodies like a temple and simply strive to be healthy.  I truly hope my education and my own experiences can help others have the confidence to realize that living healthier doesn’t= DIET.  The blinders are off and you are beautiful.  I am your biggest fan!